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Expand your familiarity with home maintenance

Expert garage door consultants providing a wide range of services that will make sure your door will be repaired within a short span of time.Here are the great garage door tips.

  • Choose opener horsepower to match the weight of the garage door.

    The professionals of our garage door company in Citrus Heights explain that with optimal horsepower, the opener will work reliably and quickly without using up more energy than is actually needed to operate the door. Try to use as accurate a measure of the door's weight as possible, especially if the unit is made from wood or has a three-layer steel structure with polyurethane insulation.

  • Inspect the tracks and rollers of a garage door which makes scraping sounds

    If the track parts are misaligned, you should adjust them by tightening the bolts of the brackets which hold them in place. Clean the rollers and lubricate them properly. Alternatively, you can replace them with nylon ones.

  • Never try to install a garage door on your own

    Installing a garage door can be very dangerous taking into account the fact that it is considered a complicated process. If the door’s components are not assembled properly, the entire mechanism is foredoomed to failure. It would be best to contact the professionals at Garage Door Repair Citrus Heights for more help.

  • Do not attempt repairs which seem dangerous and/or difficult

    In order to ensure your safety and the proper operation of your garage door in the future, you should rely on the specialists of garage door repair Citrus Heights. This is the more cost-efficient option as well. You will have a perfectly working door without effort.

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