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Garage Door Maintenance

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When you have reached your goal of being the first in your field, it’s even more difficult to keep the title, but worth to try. After all, we love our work and have strived hard to get here today. Over the years, we managed to gain your trust due to our quality work and excellent garage door maintenance services. We can replace anything from broken sections of the door to broken windows as well as installations of any part to the whole door. All of our contractors put their best foot forward on any job they go out on. We care for you and we can prove it by providing you superb services.Garage Door Maintenance in California

Garage door problems are your concern but also ours! Our company is in the business of professional repairs and all services related to such complex systems. Who else would you trust? With an expert team, technical power, and years of experience, can be of great service! What can our team do for you? We fully repair, replace and install parts, openers and doors, make adjustments, offer same day emergency service, answer questions, order new products, and are here for consultation. Do you want to replace the rusty rollers? Are the fasteners loose? Count on us. Our first-rate team fixes anything wrong with mechanical parts or opener components and delivers assistance to customers as soon as possible. With our knowhow, you can be certain that requests will be met to complete satisfaction.

Homeowners should not ignore the condition of their garage door; on the contrary, they should make sure to arrange regular maintenance and adjustment services with our professional team. It is a necessary procedure, which will keep your door looking good and working properly.  We are not saying that you need to check it every day, but periodically you will need to do certain things to maintain its excellent condition.

The easiest thing you can do for your garage door is to keep it clean

This can be done with warm water and a non-abrasive soap. Just take a soft cloth and wash it down. Then you can take a water hose and rinse it off. Simple enough, right? This will not only keep your door looking good, but also keep dirt and debris from rotting it. There is also lubrication that will need to be done. Things like the springs, cables and tracks will need to be lubricated yearly or more often, if it’s needed.

Check all the screws on the garage door. If any of them are loose, then grab a screwdriver and tighten them. A loose screw can cause damage to the door. Taking care of these little things can prevent them from turning into costly expenses. Check the tracks and the cables to make sure they are not bent or loose. These are all things that will only take a few minutes of your time, but can save you money in the long run.

Our contractors in Citrus Heights will be glad to come out on a yearly basis and do these maintenance/ adjustments for you. They can also give you techniques and tips on things that you can do by yourself to keep your door running great. They can make sure any little problems you are having are caught in time before major damage is done.

Call us today and allow us to help you with all of the maintenance / adjustments that are needed on your garage door.

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