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Garage Door Springs

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This is a big world and we live very busy lives

When there is a repair needed on our garage doors, we do not have the time to do it ourselves so we call someone that we can depend on to get the job done without costing us our bank account. Our garage door company in Citrus Heights is just the place that you need. We do all repairs, installations and replacements at a very affordable price. We have been in business for many years and we know everything there is to know about garage doors. Our garage door contractors are well trained and continue to be trained as needed.Garage Door Springs in California

As an expert garage door maintenance company, our service provider prevents trouble and saves you from injuries. Though, our team is also here for sudden problems and is ready to assist with same day repairs. Care to fix the damaged garage door tracks as soon as possible? Did suddenly the torsion spring break? Our professionals take care of all such problems in timely fashion. From broken spring replacement to the replacement of other worn parts or the installation of a new opener, adept technicians promise to be there when you need services and perform great work. Not only are we able to fix, maintain and replace all parts and doors but promise thorough inspections and accuracy in all services.

One garage door service that we do for these people is on garage door springs. All garage doors have springs and, in fact, they are considered an essential part of the entire system. They are what make the door go up and close down. So, needless to say if these springs are not working properly, you will not be able to operate the door at all.  These garage door springs can be dangerous to repair or install by someone, who does not have the experience to do so. They have injured many people, who have tried to work on them. Always leave the repair of the springs to the professionals and keep your family safe.

There are two different kinds of garage door springs. There is the torsion spring. This is for the heavier garage doors. There are two pairs of these springs. These go on either side of the top of the garage door. These are the most dangerous. In fact, these are not even sold to homeowners. You will have to have these installed only by a garage door contractor. The other spring is called the extension springs. These are for lighter doors and come in a pack of two. These are not as dangerous, but precautions still should be taken.

A galvanized door spring is not a separate kind of spring at all. They are either a torsion or extension spring that has a special coating on them. These will look nicer on your garage doors. They last longer and will not rust as fast. We at our garage door company in Citrus Heights sell all three kinds of springs. We are well trained in repairing or installing these springs. We will do it safely and properly, so that no one will get hurt.

We train every garage door contractor that we hire. We make sure that they know all there is to know about garage doors before we put them on the field. Even then, they are sent out with a seasoned contractor before they are let loose on their own. We also teach them to always be friendly and courteous to all of our customers. We strive to satisfy our customers and will not employ anyone who is not willing to always put their best foot forward at all times.

We not only do garage door springs at our garage door company in Citrus Heights but we also do all other repairs that your door may need. We can even replace the whole door if that is what you need.

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