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Glass Garage Doors

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Every house can havean even more sophisticated look with glass garage doors. We install, repair and maintain these units to ensure that they work optimally and safely at all times in addition to adding a stylish touch to the home. You can count on us to provide fast emergency assistance in case the problem is urgent. Our professional services are designed for all types of glass overhead doors. The brand, model, design and size do not matter in any way. You will receivethe ideal solution.

Skilled Specialists Giving You Perfect Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage DoorsThe most important thing is to get in touch with you straight away if you experience any problem with your unit. Even though the tempered glass panels are extremely tough, they can still break in case of a strong collision, for example. If this happens, you should stop operating the door and reach out to us to get quick garage door panel replacement. An exactly matching new panel will be set in place of the old one which will have been safely removed beforehand. The job is completed without any hassle or delay. Expect perfect accuracy in every respect.

Issues with the hardware parts, the opener and its accessories are resolved in an equally fast and effective manner. A snapped garage door cable or spring is also a problem requiring timely action. Rely on us to replace the component promptly. All of our spare parts are strong, durable and dependable. The list includes those used for fixing openers. In case of a broken or lost remote control or a set of faulty sensors, we will replace it.

In order to preserve the beauty and functionality of your glass overhead door for longer and to keep the risk of problems to the minimum possible, hire our all-encompassing maintenance service. All components including the panels, receive special care in the form of cleaning. The moving metal parts are lubricated while the settings of the spring and electric operator are re-adjusted when required. If any problem is found, it will be resolved right away regardless of its size or complexity. Expect a perfect garage door repair.

If you want a brand new glass door for your garage, we will install it for you. For starters, you will get all the help you need for choosing the new unit. It will have strong construction and an elegant design. The first stage of the project involves removing the old unit. Then the new one will be set in its place. If necessary, the service will include opener installation as well. All settings will beproperly adjusted. With us at Garage Door Repair Citrus Heights  you will get a superbly functioning system in the shortest possible time.

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