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Many of those people own homes with garages. When those garages need garage door repair, they call our garage door company in Citrus Heights.  We carry a garage door contractor card and garage door repairs are what we are all about.  It was 9am about a week ago when we received a phone call from a Citrus Heights resident who could not get their garage door open.  We sensed a garage door opener or spring problem looming about.  Our suspicion was soon to be confirmed.

Our tehnicians have long experience in garage door maintenance

Garage Door Repair Company in CaliforniaBy 9:30am our garage door technician was on the case and searching the door for the culprit.  Citrus Heights, California, was not immune to such garage door repair issues.  Although, it is a beautiful city and the community is full of fun loving people, who genuinely care about those around them; garage door repairs still seem to exist.  At our garage door service in Citrus Heights, we try to stay one step ahead of these problems.  We always recommend preventive maintenance programs to be implemented on a regular basis.  The best way to eliminate these garage door repair issues is to prevent them in the first place.

At 9:45am the technician made a startling discovery.  A garage door torsion spring had been abused one too many times and had finally broken down.  It was not something easily detected by the unprofessional eye.  Fortunately, our man was on the job and spared our Citrus Heights customer from any possibility of injury.  He immediately replaced the garage door spring and once again all was right with the world.  This time one of our friends and neighbors were lucky, but down the street at another garage another culprit is about to strike again.

It is 10am in Citrus Heights.  Another garage door owner reports that his garage door is off track and that he needed someone to replace a section of garage door.  Our technician rushed to the scene without delay.  He reached his destination by 10:15am.  The garage door owner was stressed and obviously very concerned.  His worries were immediately put to rest as our expert dove head first into the problem. When our technician dove into the problem he could not help but notice that the garage door was also in bad need of weather stripping and bottom garage door rubber.  After a brief consultation with the owner these problems were eliminated as well.

It was a typical morning for our crew at our garage door company in Citrus Heights.  Our courage is well known in the Citrus Heights community.  Our contractors look right at the heart of the problem. Our lunch was barely finished, when at 12:30pm another Citrus Heights customer called in.  They wanted new glass garage doors and they wanted them installed as soon as possible.  By 1:30pm we had loaded these doors and were sitting in the proposed driveway.  The new glass garage doors looked amazing, when we had them installed and operated smoothly a few hours later.  We left the scene and a smile on the face of another Citrus Heights happy customer.

At our garage door service in Citrus Heights the time was 4pm.  When most garage door companies were packing up to go home; we were just getting started.  The phone rang and another Citrus Heights garage door owner was in despair.  They had a broken emergency release.  This was a code violation that had to be addressed immediately because there was no way to stop the door from closing in case of an emergency.  By 4:30pm our technician began repairing the emergency release and another day in the life of our garage door company in Citrus Heights drew to a close.

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